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Conewich bread cones are perfect for: Service Delis, Hotels, Caterers, Airports, Airline Food Service, Food Courts, Cart Vendors, Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Stadiums/Sports Arenas, Races, Fast Food Convenience Stores, Vending Machines, Colleges/Universities, Corporations, Hospitals, Cafeterias, Commissaries, Grocery Stores and More!!! And they are easy to serve.


Countertop Server

Countertop Server

4-Cone, Countertop Server with Menu/Price holder in front.

For more information about countertop servers, please contact:

Linda Guangorena

Account Manager


Beemak  - IDL Display Products

16711 Knott Ave

La Mirada Ca 90638


800.421.4393 ext 2136

Fax 310.764.0330


Conewich Bread Cone Holders


Click HERE for additional illustrations.

This patent pending triangle-shaped Conewich bread cone holder was specifically designed to tightly fit the paper beverage carrier that is shown.  This allows the filled Conewich bread cones to stand up and be easily carried in the beverage carrier without fear of dropping them.  Additionally, the Conewich bread cone holder stands upright on tables and fully supports the filled Conewich bread cones and fits into any standard size beverage holder that is commonly built into the seats at stadiums, sports arenas, and movie theaters.  Finally, the holder can be held in the hand and when squeezed it transforms into an oval-shape that firmly holds onto the filled Conewich bread cones allowing one to be able to sit, stand, and walk, while eating.  By the way, this same holder even fits the standard beverage holders that are in every automobile that is made.  This is a real breakthrough for people who are on the go!  These holders are intended for single use only.  If used in a conventional oven, please place on a bake-pan or baking sheet. Do not exceed warming temperature of 350˚ degrees Fahrenheit. Do not exceed 45-minutes standing after warming. Temperature of hot or chilled fillings in Conewich bread cones should comply with all local/state/federal regulations.


Please Contact:

Insua Graphics

Eric Insua





Wire Countertop Holders

Wire Countertop

Wire Countertop
                                        Holder with Cup

Small Wire
                                        Countertop Holder


Caps Aprons Shirts

Conewich Cap

Please contact Silk Screen Shirts, Inc. for more information about Conewich caps, aprons, and shirts.


3 Convenient Sizes


4" Appetizer Conewich: Holds approximately 3/8 Cup

5" Standard Entree & Dessert Conewich:
Holds approximately 5/8 Cup

6" Large Entree Conewich: Holds approximately 7/8 Cup


Serving Paper Goods

Conewich Paper

Please contact:

California Paper Bag, Inc.
1829 Dana St Ste A
Glendale, CA, 91201 United States
(818) 240-6717



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