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About Conewich bread cones



The Conewich bread cone is made from a single strip of dough wound in a spiral around a form and then baked. The small end of the cone is closed so the food does not leak out, a distinct advantage over the 'wrap', pita and other similar concepts. The Conewich bread cone is easy to handle, quick to fill, and less costly to serve. The Conewich bread cone comes in 9 flavorful and nutritional varieties, in three sizes.



The triangel holder, and the manufacturing of the Conewich bread cone are patent pending in the U.S. and foreign countries by Conewich Enterprises Limited Partnership based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  "Conewich" and "The New Shape of Fresh Baked Bread" are registered trademarks of Conewich Enterprises Limited Partnership.





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